Company Overview

PhotonTrader Services provides a full range of client support for the PhotonTrader electronic trading platform. Our firm provides software education, platform implementation, and ongoing customer and technology support

Photon TraderPhotonTrader is a software and technology company headquartered in Chicago that caters to a wide variety of Futures, FOREX and Security traders looking for an execution advantage.

Why PhotonTrader?

PhotonTrader is a state-of-the-art market analysis and trade execution platform that began its journey in 2002. Our proprietary software was designed and built by the Principals who were CME Members with over 25 years of trading experience. In 2008, the platform was re-written completely from the bottom up in .NET to provide a faster and more robust experience. (Most electronic trading platforms are still using old technology.)

The infrastructure is in place to service and support its current customers. Most importantly, it has been configured to be expandable and scalable to meet the investment industry’s continually expanding technology needs. Over 23,000 hours of programming went into building the new PhotonTrader Software, Photon API, and the Photon Options front end. PhotonTrader is rich with features and data connectivity options that can be customized to accommodate any type of trader or strategy. PhotonTrader Services provides access to PhotonTrader through multiple FCM’s and IB partners, and links to over 20 exchanges globally. Platform pricing is very competitive to keep costs low and maximize performance for all levels of traders; from Individuals to Institutional Investors.

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Why PhotonTrader Services?

PhotonTrader Services is building an educational section that will offer trading tutorials, trading Webinars and trading forums. Damon Pavlatos, the founder of PhotonTrader Services has 40 years in the Trading industry. Damon will be leveraging his relationships to bring in some of the most successful Traders and trading educators to help the trading community.

PhotonTrader Services is committed to delivering what traders need to be successful…

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PhotonTrader links to over 20 exchanges globally
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Time spent building the PhotonTrader .NET platform
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Built by CME members with over 25 years trading experience
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Serving investors since 2002, updated in 2008

PhotonTrader provides:

  • Customization for any trader
  • Expandability and scalability
  • Faster and more robust trading
  • Many features and data connectivity options
  • Access through multiple FCM’s and IB partners
  • Links to over 20 global exchanges
  • Competitive pricing
  • Tutorial videos, trading webinars, trading forums
  • A commitment to what it takes for traders to be successful