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Institutional Features

The PhotonTrader platform was designed from the ground up to be an institutional-class trading product. In a multi-trader, multi-manager environment it can be configured to manage traders in both horizontal and vertical organizational levels.

Some examples of a multi-trader configuration are:

  • One manager with multiple traders – this is the simplest set up. The manager can see all trades for all traders but each trader can only see his/her trade.
  • Two Partners, multiple traders – each partner can be configured to see all trades for all traders.
  • One Executive Trader, two Primary Managers each with their team of traders – the executive trader can view all trades for all traders. Each manager, however, can only view and manage trades for their own trading team.

Group Management

  • A trader can be assigned to one or more managers.
  • Supervisors can view or filter trades in real time by trader ID or related accounts.
  • Managers and traders can be assigned to monitor each others’ accounts.
  • Trades can be exported to a spreadsheet at any time.
  • Built-in instant messaging between related traders or groups.

Account Management

  • One user ID can trade multiple accounts.
  • Multiple traders can trade one account; Traders can see each other’s trades or just their own.
  • Sub-accounts can be created with real or notional funds.
  • Breakdown account allocates Photon fills to multiple accounts based on a pre-defined formula.
  • Each account can have hard limits on the number of contracts. These limits are set by instrument/symbol.