Trading Classes with Damon Pavlatos

Damon Pavlatos has 37 years of multi-faceted Commodity Futures industry experience. Since 1978 he has held Exchange Memberships on the CME,CBOT and Mid America Exchange. He has traded Futures and Options for 32 years specializing in Stock Index Futures. From 1981 to 2000, Damon managed the CME Index and Floor operations for Shearson American Express, L.I.T. America, Gerald Inc. and Rand Financial. During his many years in the industry Damon has supplied Technical Market Analysis for various Index Funds, Institutions, and Exchange Members and has been featured at Tradeshows, Futures Seminars and in various trading books. In 2000 Damon became a Principal Partner of FuturePath Trading LLC® and PhotonTrader®. FuturePath Trading LLC (FPT) is an IIB in the Futures and Forex industry.FuturePath is a Technology driven Futures brokerage firm that currently owns an electronic software Trading Platform called PhotonTrader. In 2010 Damon joined as TD Ameritrade as the Managing Director of Futures to assist in technology innovations with the TOS platform. Damon returned to his roots in 2012 and is currently is the CEO and Principal Partner with FuturePath Trading LLC and PhotonTrader.

Why I Decided to Offer These Educational Programs

I started my career in 1977 in the futures industry and began trading for myself in 1979 as an exchange member. During my time from the beginning to the present, I have managed operations for some of the top futures clearing firms, executed for large hedge and institutional funds. I also traded as a CME member for my own account and started my own trading firm 15 years ago. I had the privilege to work with and for some of the most successful traders who mentored me and taught me what I know today. The skills I learned from executing the large orders for some of the top funds helped me fine tune my own execution skills as a trader.

I learned that using the proper trading platforms and trading systems is half the battle to becoming a better trader. Whether you execute on the floor of the exchange or electronically, there are similarities when it comes to timing your entry and exits. Having good order execution skills is a major part becoming an exceptional trader.

I want to share my knowledge and experience of mastering the art of execution. Most traders concentrate on saving on their commissions and platform fees. I found years ago how important it is not only to have the best trading tools and low commissions but to learn good order execution skills. If you can save 1 tick in using good execution techniques in any market every other trade, this will add up to thousands come year-end.

There Are Two Offerings:

Program 1: If you are fine with an overall group class and don’t mind a group webinar you may choose program 1. It may be enough to receive a few more tips on your execution and some answers to your execution questions.

Program 2: This is a more targeted program since it is unique to your needs and execution method. The 2 sessions will be private, one-on-one sessions to assure a more tailored trading methodology when you execute your trades.

See below descriptions on both programs:

Two (2) 50-Minute Webinar Classes

Group Webinar: 

1st Webinar- Date TBA

  1. Diving deeper in to trade execution and refining your order execution techniques
  2. Explaining order flow and how to use it in your favor when entering the market
  3. Look into trading strategies using OCO’s, Bracket order’s and trailing stops
  4. Tips on risk and order management.


2nd Webinar –Date TBA

  1. The next one will be watching the live markets as we discuss and review last webinar
  2. Tips on taking advantage of volatile and wild swinging markets
  3. Ways to protect your profits
  4. Questions and answers from traders


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Two (2) 50-Minute Private Coaching Classes

Private Coaching:

Note: These will be one-on-one personal coaching sessions. Schedules will be made with Trader.

First 50-minute session includes:

  1. I would look at the personal trader’s questions and problems they are having with order execution and there platform.
  2. Analyze the style trading of the trader. This way I can customize the best way to tailor the execution needs and fine tune their trading
  3. Once there is an understanding of the needs and profit goals of the trader they will be given a task to work with the tools give.

Second 50-minute session

  1. A review of the findings of the traders experience from the homework and lessons given from the previous session.
  2. Then we will add some more strategies and risk management tools once we had our review from the last session. This will be during live market hours
  3. We will trade live using the traders system and platform. This can be on a simulator or a live account.


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Three (3) 50-Minute Private Coaching Classes

Private Coaching:

Note: These will be one-on-one personal coaching sessions. Schedules will be made with Trader.

Sessions include:

  1. All the lessons in the 2-session package (above)
  2. PLUS an extra 50-minute session for more personal customization for your trading style and time to answer your questions.


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